Fra Lisa Uhlott - gift Shontz - modtog jeg den 13. maj 2003 basis for nedenstående:

  Til forsiden

UHLOTT'S in America

Karl Uhlott                           fra Hardegsen  Hannover Germany     6 børn-kindern-children
Wilhelm Uhlott død 1920 døde ung på grund af gasning i løbet af 1. verdenskrig

Auguste Uhlott blev i Tyskland gift Pramann -

Lisa ved der er en

Karl August Pramann - børn men ukendt


 Frieda Uhlott

  married - Freida Carolina Uhlott b. 23 Apr 1898 Hannover Germany - d. Oct 1978


rejste til America gift Stoltenburg - 9 børn

KARL wife Nina daughter Lisa



HARRY  Stoltenburg

still living in 2006



HENRY Harry Stoltenburg 1919 d.1920

LOIS stadig levende i 2006

DORIS stadig levende i 2006

Louise Uhlott rejste til America gift Remus




ellers er antallet af børn ukendt

Johanna Uhlott






ellers er antallet af børn ukendt


Frederick Karl (Friedrich-Karl) Uhlott

LISA's bedstefar

født 1892

død 1965

gift med Johanna Klostermeier ca. 1915 i Tyskland

3 børn:

Elizabeth f.1916

William f.1918

Herbert f.1928 i USA

forældrene og de to ældste børn kom til New York i USA i den 16.12.1924

svigerdatter Saundra K.Uhlott skriver at Herbert var 24 år i air force og døde den 11.11.2010

    EARL Stoltenburg

daughter Lisa Stoltenburg-Littler


gift med Danny

2 børn Mitchell 13 år i 2006 og Truman 5 år i 2006   Oil City



  - se nedenfor
Dearest Jette,
Thank you so very much for remembering my special day!  Turning 40 is a milestone in a woman's life and I feel fabulous!
I have many papers from my grandmother Frieda.  The most important paper is the receipt from her passage here to "Amerika" in 1909.  I think she was just 13 when she came here alone.  I never knew how brave she was until I went through her documents.  She was brought here by her sister Louisa and brother-in-law Herman Remus.  She worked here for a wealthy family from Hardegsen - The Charles Suhr Family.  They were Oil tycoons and treated her very well. 
Before I forget, She did have a son, Henry Harry Stoltenburg who was born in 1919 and died in 1920.  He was her second and he passed away from Pneumonia.  She wrote about their sorrow and pain when this happened.  I didn't see his name on your website.
Well, I must go and get ready to pick up our little one Truman from Kintergarden.
Much love,
Dear Jette,
We hope your new year has been filled with joy and happiness!  We have started to remodel our 1950's kitchen and have a big, big mess.  Last week we got about 3 feet of snow here in northwestern pennsylvania.  I hope your climate is better.
I have been wondering about the Uhlott name.  Did the Uhlott's start in Germany or did they come from Denmark?  Do you know what the origins are?  It is very interesting.
Hope to hear back soon.
Lisa, Dan and Boys






Friedrich Allen born 12.08.1964

Mother: Mary Stoltenburg 24.09.1947

    TROY wife Jennifer Malloy Stoltenburg chrildren

Brandon, 19 år
Taylor, 13 år
Eliza, 5 år   i 2009



    Janice Stoltenburg Lowman      































































Elizabeth Uhlott

født 1916 død 1954

gift med Ed Sutley

2 børn:

Judy Sutley død - årstal ukendt

Joe Sutley- Lisa tror Joe stadig lever i 2003


William Uhlott

født 1918 død 1992 gift, 6 børn

KARL   død

JOANIE lever i 2003

DENNIS lever i 2003   (har en søn Michael, som er den eneste der kan føre Uhlott navnet videre fra denne gren af familien)

DEBBIE  lever i 2003

CONNIE lever i 2003

SUE   lever i 2003

Herbert Frederick Uhlott /Oil City-PA

died november (?) 2010

Lisa's far - født 1928 i Amerika gift med Mary Moon i 1953 har 5 børn:






alle 5 lever i 2003



DIANE Uhlott født 1954 gift med Dennis McLaughlin - 2 børn

DENNIS junr.


DANIEL Uhlott født 1955 gift 2 gange:

1.    3 børn:

Jason, Angela, Sarah - ingen er gift i 2003 Sarah har to drenge de har deres fars navn

JAYNE E. Uhlott - Oil City født 1958 gift og skilt hedder stadig Uhlott - ingen børn

JEFFREY Uhlott født 1963 gift m. Saundra - Rantoul  har 2 drenge

Scott og

Mark for unge til at have børn men de vil videreføre UHLOTT navnet

Scott wrote on your Wall (Face Book):1.6.2008

"Saundra Uhlott is my mother (her maiden name was Grissom) - She married my father Jeffrey Uhlott March 27,1986 - I (Scott William Uhlott)was born 10/22/1986 and my brother (Mark Brandon Uhlott) was born 6/5/1989 - hope this helps you!"

LISA Uhlott - en af  meddelerne  født 1964 gift med Michael Shontz

2 børn:


Annalisa - død kort efter fødslen - Lisa savner hende


    AMY gift, hendes mand er i US Air Force og de er stationeret  i Tyskland
Seeking for: 

S. Uhlott

Amarillo -TX




Werner Uhlott

Louisville - KY

On your website you were looking for Juliet Uhlott. She is married to Jason Uhlott (my brother's son). They were married on April 4, 2004. If you want more information about them, let me know.

Fundet som det fremgår ovenfor:

Juliet Uhlott, Seneca - PA
    Fra: mlshontz []
Sendt: 13. maj 2003 04:05
Til: Jette Uhlott
Emne: Hello
Dear Jetta,
I am sorry it has been so long since I wrote to you. I have the information about the Uhlotts in America. My father did not know much about his father's family in Germany because his father did not talk about them. My father's parents came to America from Germany in 1924. Their names were Frederick Karl and Johanna Uhlott. Frederick's father's name was Karl Uhlott, and that is where I will begin.
Karl Uhlott lived in Hardegsen in County Hanover in Germany. He had six children whose names are:
1. Wilhelm Uhlott who died around 1920. He fought in World War I and died young because he was gassed during the war.
2. Augusta Uhlott who stayed in Germany. Her married name was Prahlman. I am not sure if that is spelled correctly. I don't know how many children she had, but I know of a boy named Karl August Prahlman. I know he had children but don't know their names.
3. Frieda Uhlott who came to America. Her married name was Stoltenburg. She had nine children. Their names are Karl, Walter, Fred, Harry, Earl, Glen, Henry, Lois and Doris. Harry, Lois and Doris are still living.
4. Louise Uhlott who came to America. Her married name was Remus. She had children, but I don't know how many. We were only sure of two girls named Helen and Emma.
5. Hannah Uhlott who came to America. Her married name was Biltz. She had children, but I don't know how many. I am only sure of a girl named Alice and a boy named Bernard.
6. Frederick Karl Uhlott was my grandfather. He was born in 1892 and died in 1965. He married Johanna Klostermeier in Germany around 1915. They had three children named Elizabeth, William and Herbert. They came to America in 1924.
Elizabeth Uhlott was born in 1916 and died in 1954. She married Ed Sutley and had two children named Judy and Joe. Judy died. I don't know the year. I believe Joe is still living. I don't think he ever married. 
William Uhlott was born in 1918 and died in 1992. He married and had six children named Karl, Joanie, Dennis, Debbie, Connie and Sue. Karl died, but the rest are still living. Dennis has one boy who is named Michael Uhlott. He is the only one to carry on the Uhlott name from this part of the family.
Herbert Frederick Uhlott is my father. He was born in 1928 in America. He married Mary Moon in 1953 and has five children. Diane, Daniel, Jayne, Jeffrey and Lisa. We are all still living.
Diane Uhlott was born in 1954. She married Dennis McLaughlin. They have two children named Dennis and Amy. Amy is married and her husband is in the United States Air Force. They are stationed in Germany.
Daniel Uhlott was born in 1955. He has been married twice. From his first marriage, he has three children Jason, Angela and Sarah. None are married. Sarah has two boys, but they have the fathers' names.
Jayne Uhlott was born in 1958. She was married, but divorced. During her marriage she kept her maiden name. She has no children.
Jeffrey Uhlott was born in 1963. He is married and has two boys named Scott and Mark. They are too young to be married, but they will carry on the Uhlott name.
Lisa Uhlott was born in 1964. I am married to Michael Shontz. We have a daughter named Bethany. We also had a daughter named Annalisa, but she died shortly after she was born. I miss her.
I hope you can understand what I have written. If you have any questions, please ask me. If you are able, will you please share your information? I look forward to receiving your letter.



Dearest Jette,


It was wonderful to hear from you!  Thank you for updating the Uhlott website with my information.  I have so many questions...My Grandmothers tickets to come to "Amerika" were purchased on May 13, 1913.  She was escorted here by Augusta Eggers.  I know she had a sister named Augusta but her last name is shown as Prahlman on the Uhlott website.  Also, I don't know the name of her Mother.  Can you help shed some light on this matter.


I was about 12 when Frieda passed away but remember her well.  I very much miss the german culture.  I am told that when a was a babe I spoke fluent german with her.  I don't remember.  I do remember her garden and the smell of pumpernickel bread baking in her oven.  I do miss the food!!!!!


We need to keep in touch and let me know how we are related.





Registreret modtaget 12. januar 2006



My name is Lisa Stoltenburg-Littler.  I am the daughter of Earl Stoltenburg and the granddaughter of Frieda Uhlott Stoltenburg.  I was born May 13, 1966 and am the youngest grandchild of Frieda and Harry Stoltenburg.  As a child I spent almost every day with grandma Frieda until she had a stroke.  I then spent my weekends visiting her in a nursing home.  She was a beautiful person.  My father, Earl, did everything for her.  When she died I was given her box of documents and letters from her sister, Augusta.


I wanted you to know that my Uncle Harry Stoltenburg is still living as are my Aunt Doris and Aunt Lois.


I would like to be in contact with my my grandmothers family.  I live in Oil City, PA with my husband Danny and children.  Mitchell is 13 and Truman is 5.


Well wishes to you!

Lisa Stoltenburg-Littler

401 West Third Street

Oil City, PA  16301


Registreret/modtaget den 9. januar 2006



Fra: mlshontz []
Sendt: 20. august 2006 01:59

Dear Jette,

I was happy to get your letter. I am fine. I am still living with my parents and still taking care of my mother. My mother is getting worse, but my dad is doing fine.

Your cat is very cute. We have two dogs - one big and one small. They are fun to watch. The little one is the boss.

I received an e-mail from Lisa Littler, but we have not met. Her e-mail address is ----if you want to write to her.

It is nice that you are meeting Uhlotts. I did not know there were so many of us.

I hope the summer weather cools down for you. I don't like the heat. We had hot weather a couple of weeks ago. It was miserable.

Thank you for writing to me. I like to read your letters.

Lisa (Shontz)



My Grandfather Adolf Edmund Gottlieb Uhlott 17.03.1880 born i Copenhagen the son of (Caroline Heise 1833-1909 - Copenhagen) and Friedrich Uhlott born in Wolfhagen Hessen 1830 (Germany) dead in Copenhagen 1916 son of Ludwig Uhlott (Katarina Kurz)


Adolf Family