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Dear Jette,

at first I thought that the Uhlott family came from Denmark, but Christel explained to me that their origin is France. She also told me that there was a religious reason for their immigration to Germany and Denmark. Therefore I was doing a little research on de.Wikipedia.org for some information about the Hugenotten (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hugenotten). It says that in the year 1685 about 50.000 Hugenotts came to Germany and about 4.000 of them to Hessen-Kassel where our Family must have been along with. In Hessen-Kassel is a city called Bad Karlshafen (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad_Karlshafen), and in this City is a Hugenott Museum. I talked to my mom about this recently, we have been many times to Bad Karlshafen but we did not knew anything about the history of our family, so we want to visit Bad Karlshafen again to discover anything about the Hugenotten Gesellschaft (http://www.hugenotten.de/). With GoogleMaps you can take a look at


or you copy and paste (Deutsche Hugenotten-Gesellschaft e.V.

Hafenplatz 9a, 34385 Bad Karlshafen) into Google Search. The Hugenott Museum is only about 43,6 km/46 Minutes away from Hardegsen (http://maps.google.de/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Hafenplatz+9,+34385+Bad+Karlshafen+(DHG+Deutsche+Hugenotten+Gesellschaft+eingetragener+Verein)&daddr=Hardegsen&hl=de&geocode=FRUAFAMdpTuQACGpja7TbNJZ9CmLi3pzKOC6RzFYPu8e2yGYfA%3BFQcfFAMdTPiVACmz5F43fta6RzHCgkdaa8nn2w&mra=ls&sll=51.647052,9.452448&sspn=0.022475,0.084543&ie=UTF8&z=11).

We will take any information we can get from there ;-), will make Pictures and a Videos to share it with all of you. Thank you so much for anything!



This letter came sunday the 27th of March 2011



Johannes Uhlott, fra Holtzhausen Hessen gift 22.09.1799 med

Måske første Uhlott i Hardegsen idag (2011) er der folk med navnet Lott

Katharina Marie Elisabeth Kraemer
søn Ernst-Ludwig Uhlott f.13.06.1815 Dorothea Schulenburg
søn Carl Uhlott f.30.06.1861 Friederike Eggers
Stubenstrasse 6: - solgt efter Ernst-Augusts død i 1973 og familien flyttet til Göttingen  
søn Wilhelm Uhlott f. 3.01.1890 død 11.04.1935 efter sværd sygdom Frieda Spenger f.1912 de har to børn
  Ernst-August Paula
søn Ernst-August Uhlott f. 14.08.1922 gift oktober 1954 - død 2.10.1973 Waltraut Schrader
Ernst-August måtte som 17. årig i 2. verdenskrig og kom først hjem i 1954 efter russisk fangenskab Christel f.1955 Volker f.1957 Andreas f.1963
datter Christel Uhlott f. oktober 1955 i Hardegsen,  gift Marker  Heiner Marker
Vielen dank - Christel - für alle info Andre 1976 Katrin 1978
Stubenstrasse 8:
Auguste Uhlott gift Pramann datter af Carl Uhlott Friederike Eggers  Heinrich Pramann
  Karl-August Heinrich
Heinrich Pramann Thea
  Heinz Renate Armin

Dear Jette Uhlott,

I am writing you beacause of your research regarding the Uhlott family in Hardegsen. My name ist Sascha Stefanovski, I was born on 14. June 1975 in Northeim. I am the son of Renate Pramann (The sister of Heinz and Armin Pramann, who are the children of Thea and Heinrich Pramann. My uncle Heinz Pramann died in the year 1976, my uncle Armin Pramann and his wife Gabriele have two childen Stephan and Janina, they still live in Hardegsen like me an my parents Renate und Milos. My grandpa Heinrich, the son of Auguste Pramann (Birthname Uhlott), and my grandma Thea are both death. My mom Renate told me that her grandmas name was Uhlott and that her aunt Frida moved to America, but that's all that i was told about the history of my family by my mom Renate. My mom was very young when Frida moved to america and couldn't remember anything else about her family. Thank you very much for visiting the internet guestbook of Hardegsen and leaving your e-mail address and website url. I hope that this mail was helpful for all of you, feel free to contact me ...


Stubenstrasse 10: - das elternhaus von Pramann gehört heute David der sohn von Dieter
Karl-August Pramann Gerda
  Dieter Gernot Ulrike
Dieter Pramann The wife of Karl August Pramann (The brother of my Grandpa) is Gerda Pramann, both are death, their two boys are Dieter Pramann (He lives in Hardegsen) and Gernot Pramann (He lives in Gladebeck, nearby Hardegsen). Dieter is married with Monika, they have two children, David and Lena. Gernot is married with Christine, they also have two children, Malte and Arne.



Ulrike Pramann ist married (Her name is Ulrike Karnebogen), they have two doughters, but we dont remember their names. They still might live in Parensen, nearby Hardegsen.


BERTEL UHLOTT 17.06.1903 Wiesbaden,Germany



2 Marriage to

Adam Klein 23.01.1903 HECHTSHEIM, Germany 7.05.1928 Arrived from Bremen,

Germany on The Vessel SS Columbus - Certificatenr.available


AMY født McLaughlin datter af Diane McLaughlin født Uhlott datter af Herbert Friedrick Uhlott søn af Frederick Karl Uhlott 1882-1965 g.m.Johanna Klostermeier ca. 1915 emigreret 16.12.1924 3 børn gift med ? - stationeret i Germany US Air Force

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